September 19, 2005

Before and After

Today was a milestone day in the Dubya Household. One fraught with tension, confusion, anxiety and some tears. Mrs. Big Dubya, after a marathon maternity leave of 3 and a half months, donned her business casual office attire and went back to the grind. And, as I sometimes feel in certain situations regarding Little Dubya, I was helpless to do anything but offer my reassurance that things would be fine. That Little Dubya was in good hands with Granny who's not a stranger to babies after all. What else am I supposed to say? It will get better? Sooner or later it will be just another day? Yeah, I'm sure that goes over really well with every other mother who gives birth and then spends every waking (and, in some cases, sleeping) moment with their child then abruptly has that time drastically cut. I'm sure comments like that would go over really, really well. The term "lead balloon" quickly comes to mind. But, in a way, it is like a 12-step program and, like them, one must take things one day at a time. Only 6462 days left until he turns 18 and that feeling begins to disappear.

Well, as you can see, the little guy has certainly changed since we brought him home from the hosiptal in early June. We use the Vermont Teddy Bear as our measuring stick - kind of like a fuzzy, cuddly doorway. And, I think it's pretty damn obvious the bear is shrinking - damn Vermonters and their shoddy products - because it's impossible that Little Dubya's grown that much in such a short period of time. I guess there's nothing I can do to keep this from happening, is there? A little help? Hello? Hey, stop laughing at me.

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MetroDad said...

Hope Mrs. Big Dubya was ok today. My wife's return to maternity leave was quite an emotional experience. Be a good guy and send some flowers to her office tomorrow. It's a tough adjustment.

As for the little man? He's growing nicely. I think he can take that teddy bear now. It'd be a good fight!

Dutch said...

The day we had to drop ours off at daycare so was damn hard. I had to do it all by myself a few days into it and I'm not embarrassed to admit I broke down myself. that is some powerful shit working.

luckily it does get easier.

AdventureDad said...

You could move to Sweden where you get a decent amount of parental leave. We got 480 working days. Per kid. Paid.

Hope the mrs. handles it well. If you can try to ease into it. Leaving the kid a few hours the first days, then a little more etc.

Best of luck


PS. What are you feeding your baby, steroids?:-))

Kara said...

One of the hardest things ever.

and damn you swedes with your generous social policies and chic yet affordable assembles-with-just-a-few-turns-of-the-allen-wrench furniture.

Dutch said...

AD- remind me again about that 70% income tax in Sweden before I tear out my eyeballs in frustration and disbelief. 480 WORKING days?

Why doesn't everyone in Sweden have like six kids and live off the sweet fat of the socialist state?

Thingamadad said...

Awesome photo idea. Wish I'd thought of that 15 months ago. Keep taking them.

Kara said...

P.S. just saw your post on BIYF- get out of my friggin head, will ya?

how was Little W watch, anyway?

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