November 14, 2006

144 days of Christmas - new for 2006!

Holy shit! Another post? It's almost like I'm participating in NaBloMe NaBloPoMo -- I'm's see...five, carry the nine posts short. Bah, close enough. Yaaaayyyy, me.

I meant to write about this the other day and, as far as I can tell (and I'm sure you'll all let me know if I'm wrong -- you're all so good at that), I think I'm the only one that's commenting on this particular issue. Sure, we've all seen Christmas decorations out and about since July 4th. I've given up caring about that -- it's just not worth bitchin' and moanin' and decrying the all out consumerism of the holiday -- I'll just leave that to Charles Brown. My beef? Well, when last I checked, we just wrapped up Veterans Day ceremonies, correct? And, like Chag, my calendar says it's not quite the middle of November, let alone Thanksgiving. So, then...


Just askin'.

BTW - I will once again be hosting Mr. Big Dubya's Bloggers' Mantel™ (see archives December 2005) -- so, get your Xmas cards to me at mrbigdubya at gmail dot com. Yes, I am completely aware of the contradictory nature of railing against early Christmas and Holiday pushes and then, in the same breath, asking for cards. Sue me.

2 opined:

Melissa said...

I loved those from last year. Can I just send you a regular pic, or do I need to try and make it into a card like you did?

Aunt P said...

And what if you don't have kids, but are going to have a damn cute picture of your dog? Will that be posted?

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