February 13, 2009

To Redneck Mommy

I'm posting on a Friday night in honor of Tanis, better known as The Redneck Mommy, Grand Dame (Dame, long 'a' - we're not fancy here) of the Great White North. Tanis and her family recently (actually hours ago) welcomed a "soon to be blog dubbed" little boy to their home. So, go here and let everyone know about your inner redneck - you know we're all a little trashy now and then, just admit it.

My contribution to the "you know you're a redneck mommy daddy when...":

Dipping a child's binky in Jack Daniels is considered sterilizing.

Your wheelbarrow doubles as a stroller.

Skoal is just as good as Anbesol.

Your child's car seat has its own gun rack.

You've actually considered just wiping the poop out of a dirty diaper because you had no others.

All the best to Redneck Mommy and her brood.

4 opined:

Whit said...

Like you've never shaken a turd out of a diaper.

Sarcastic Mom said...

Oh, good lord. lmao @ Whit

And the Skoal, oh, the Skoal.

*gagging a little*

Love it.

motherbumper said...

I'm glad that my daughter can't read yet because she'd totally demand a gun rack for her car seat.

Redneck Mommy said...

I refuse to admit to how many of your list I may be guilty of.

But dude. YOU played along.

Wow. I'm sorta weepy with wonder because YOU played along.


Thank you so very much for helping to welcome my son into my family and my online community.

Big love from me to you Dubya.

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