July 31, 2009

Glory Be!

Well, whaddaya know. I can still find this blog and log-in - woo-hoo! Last time I was here I mentioned I've been in a funk. And brother what a funk it really was, glory be! to paraphrase Paper Lace. Anyway, if you want to know why I've been out of sorts as of late, head on over to DadCentric to read my latest post over there. I think I'm beginning to get my mojo back - or at least I'm hoping that's the case. I do feel as if the creative fires have once again been stoked - the old boiler is back in business (steam drum, dry pipe, superheater, etc.). (random aside: that last bit is something I learned nearly 25 years ago - it's the beginning of the steam cycle and that link will bring you to the ship on which I once sailed a long, long time ago - on its maiden voyage in 1986 - the Cruise to Nowhere as we dubbed it. Strange days, strange days indeed.)

Ok, back to business. Again, in that last post I had a contest for two copies of Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the Wii. I want to thank you for entering, it's an honor just to be nominated. Um...no...sorry, that's a different speech. Hold on flipping index cards ok, there we go. I hope you know that you're all winners to me. Yeah, that's it. Unfortunately, I only have two copies to give away. After careful consideration and the use of the always mysterious random number generator, I have come up with our winners. Please extend heartfelt congratulations to Kemp and sashalyn for the dubious honor of on winning this grueling contest. If the two of you wouldn't mind sending your mailing address to me at mrbigdubya at gmail dot com I will get those out to you post haste, right away and most riki tik.

I have plans to be back here more often, I miss the cozy confines of this blog. Also, I'm out to lobby for a spot on a panel at next year's BlogHer in NYC. Not sure what I have to offer yet, but I am a charter member of DadCentric - that's gotta count for something, right? Yeah, yeah, that and $2.51 will get me a Great One, just cream at Dunkin'. Also, if you aren't reading the goings on over at The Whinery, you should be. Mrs. Big Dubya has added to the staff over there and people are posting some good stuff about wine and beer. Come check out what such luminaries as Pet Cobra, TwoBusy, Clares Dad, Mrs. Chicky, Goon Squad Sarah, Cape Buffalo and yours truly, as well as some newcomers Swheeze, Mrs. Gnu and Wine-O are offering up. And follow The Whinery on twitter at twitter.com/thewhinery or keep up-to-date on Facebook as well - you'll thank me. I'm there too, but I imagine we already reciprocate on the whole following thing, but if not, you can find me at twitter.com/mrbigdubya - surprise, surprise.

Ta, ta for now. If you're looking for me this weekend, I'll be the one hording all the Torpedo I can find - I think, perhaps, I may have told too many people about this wonderful beer.

2 opined:

TwoBusy said...

Hallelujah and pass the Torpedo. Welcome back to the world of the (semi-) living.

Whit said...

You had me at beer. I'll panel with you. I'm Whit Honea of the internets.

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