December 3, 2009

Ch-, Ch-, Ch-, Changes and Return of The Mantel™

You know how you can tell you haven't blogged at a particular place in a long, long while? When you can't type the address. That's how it was just moments ago as I was trying to come here and post. I felt like some octogenarian lost at the mall who can't remember where he's lived the past 60-some-odd years. Granted, I've been here only four-and-a-half, but you get the idea. And I think that fact as helped me make a decision I've been contemplating for a while now.

When I started blogging back in 2005, it was with the idea that I would focus on becoming a father and all that entailed. Little did I know at the time that I would join - nay, be a founding member of - one of the premier dadblog on these tubes. Granted, although a lot of the writing I did here strayed far and wide from the father-focused topics, I still considered mr. big dubya essentially a "dadblog." But that really has changed over the past several months. Yes, I am a dad, but the blog itself has really become a place for me to share with you pieces of who I am in addition to being a father. And I think that's the direction it's going to take from now on. Sure, there may be stories that involve Li'l Dubya, Li'l Dubyette and Li'lest Dubya, but the focus here will no longer be on them. I know, I know, you really want to hear about Li'l Dubs singing Gonna Make You Sweat while he pees (is that dope enough? Indeed.), but I just can't do that. So I will confine most of my fathering stuff to DadCentric where it belongs - I've always been conflicted about what goes there and what stays here anyway, now it's easy.

One thing I will do, however, is a Mr. Big Dubya's Bloggers' Mantel™ 2009. This will be the 5th and final year of The Mantel™. Just to re-cap:

I will once again be the Internetoweboblogosphere's (aka The Tubes) holiday mantel and post the ubiquitous holiday cards for all to see, admire, laugh at and add thoughtful comments. If you'd like to participate, please send a picture or a scan of your card -- if you send a pic, just let me know what greeting you'd like to include and what nom de plume to use; if you send a scan, let me know if you want me to doctor it to hide your true identity. Depending on how creative I get, I may try something different this year, but knowing how incredibly lazy I can be, I'll probably just end up posting them like I did last year.

So, just send along what you'd like taped to The Mantel™ to mrbigdubya at gmail dot com. I'll start posting them as they arrive (props to those who have already sent one in you eager little beavers you). And, just because I still think this pic is hysterical, I thought I'd share it yet again. Li'l Dubs wants your pictures:

There you have it: a new direction for this blog and the return of and subsequent farewell to The Mantel™. So, send in those pics and let's go out with a bang not a whimper.

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